-Why Visual Disobedience

Why Visual Disobedience

We chose Visual Disobedience for our campaign theme because Trump is like many of us– we get much of our information and share visually through social media, videos, & photos. So our campaign focuses on visuals, that illustrate why we should not blindly follow or re-elect Trump.

In addition to the Stand Up and Be Counted counter, VisDis.us visuals include the many Republicans who don’t support Trump:

George H. Bush
George H. Bush
John McCain
John McCain
George P Shultz
George P Shultz
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

One might get the impression from our media that the vast majority of Republicans support Trump as President. In fact, there are many, including 2 former U.S. Presidents, who have spoken out either against Trump being President, or against his key policies such as climate change denial or wall building.

The list of names for each category can be found using the links shown below. They total Republicans.

Current/former Federal elected officials
Current/former State elected or appointed officials
Appointed federal officials
Business execs/ persons in public eye
Other notable Republicans

Not on the VisDis list of elected or appointed Republican figures or public persons, and think you should be? Let us know by using our Contact Us form and checking the ‘I have something else I’d like to share’ box. Include your website URL, corresponding e-mail address, and phone number in the shaded ‘Comment or Message’ area, so we can confirm your identity.

Act similarly, if you think our “anti-DT” assessment of you is no longer valid, and you should be removed from the list you are on.

George P Shultz
George P Shultz
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
  1. Adam Kinzinger - House of Representatives (Illinois)
  2. Ann Wagner - House of Representatives (Missouri)
  3. Barbara Comstock - House of Representatives (Virginia)
  4. Ben Sasse -Senator from Nebraska
  5. Bill Clinger - Former House of Representatives ( Pennsylvania)
  6. Bill Cohen - Former Senator (Maine)
  7. Bob Dold - House of Representatives (Illinois)
  8. Bob Inglis - Former House of Representative (South Carolina)
  9. Carlos Curbelo - House of Representatives (Florida)
  10. Charlie Dent - House of Representative (Pennsylvania)
  11. Chris Shays - Former House of Representatives (Connecticut)
  12. Claudine Schneider - Former House of Representatives (Rhode Island)
  13. Cory Gardner - Senator from Colorado
  14. Cresent Hardy - House of Representatives ( Nevada)
  15. David Jolly - House of Representatives (Florida)
  16. David Valadao - House of Representatives (California)
  17. Dan Sullivan - Senator from Alaska
  18. Dean Heller - Senator from Nevada
  19. Edward Weber - Former House of Representatives (Ohio)
  20. Erik Paulsen - House of Representatives (Minnesota)
  21. Frank LoBiondo - House of Representatives (New Jersey)
  22. Fred Upton - House of Representatives (Michigan)
  23. George H.Bush- Former U.S. President
  24. George W. Bush-Former U.S. President
  25. Gordon J. Humphrey - Former Senator from New Hampshire
  26. G. William Whitehurst - Former House of Representatives (Virginia)
  27. Illeana Ros Lehtinen- House of Representatives (Florida)
  28. Jack Buechner - Former House of Representatives (Missouri)
  29. Jaime Herrera Beutler- House of Representatives (Washington)
  30. J.C. Watts - Former House of Representatives (Oklahoma).
  31. Jeff Flake - Senator from Arizona
  32. Jeff Fortenberry - House of Representatives (Nebraska)
  33. Jim Kolbe - Former House of Representatives (Arizona)
  34. Jim Leach - Former House of Representatives (Iowa)
  35. Joe Scarborough - Former House of Representatives (Florida)
  36. John Katko - House of Representatives (New York)
  37. John McCain (late Senator)
  38. Jon Porter - Former House of Representatives (Illinois)
  39. John Warner - Former Senator from Virginia
  40. Justin Amash -House of Representatives (Michigan)
  41. Kay Granger - House of Representatives (Texas)
  42. Kelly Ayotte - Senator from New Hampshire
  43. Lindsey Graham - Senator from South Carolina
  44. Lisa Murkowski - Senator from Alaska
  45. Mark Kirk - Senator from Illinois
  46. Mark Souder - Former House of Representatives (Indiana)
  47. Martha Roby - House of Representatives (Alabama)
  48. Mel Martinez - Former Senator from Florida, Former U.S. Secretary of Housing Urban Development, and Former General Chair of Republican National Committee.
  49. Mia Love - House of Representatives (Utah)
  50. Mike Coffman - House of Representatives (Colorado)
  51. Mike Lee - Senator from Utah
  52. Mike Parker - Former House of Representatives (Mississippi)
  53. Mike Simpson - House of Representatives (Idaho)
  54. Mitt Romney - Senator from Utah ,Former Governor of Massachusetts
  55. Norm Coleman - Former Senator from Minnesota
  56. Pat Meehan - House of Representatives (Pennsylvania)
  57. Pete Mc Closkey - Former House of Representatives (California)
  58. Ray LaHood - Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation and Former U.S. Representative from Illinois.
  59. Reid Ribble - House of Representatives ( Wisconsin)
  60. Richard L. Hanna - House of Representatives (New York)
  61. Rodney Davis - House of Representatives (Illinois)
  62. Ross Spano - House of Representatives (Florida)
  63. Scott Rigell - House of Representatives (Virginia)
  64. Slade Gorton - Former Senator from Washington
  65. Sherwood Boehlert - Former House of Representatives (New York)
  66. Steve Bartlett - Former House of Representatives (Texas)
  67. Steve Knight - House of Representatives (California)
  68. Steve Kuykendall - Former House of Representatives (California)
  69. Susan Collins - Senator from Maine
  70. Tom Campbell - Former House of Representatives (California)
  71. Tom Petri - Former House of Representatives (Wisconsin)
  72. Tom Rooney - House of Representatives (Florida)
  73. Vin Weber - Former House of Representatives (Minnesota)
  74. Will Hurd - House of Representatives (Texas)
  75. Aimee Winder Newton - Member of the Salt Lake County Council
  76. Arne Carlson - Former Governor of Minnesota
  77. Arnold Schwarzenegger- Former Governor of California
  78. Betty Montgomery - Attorney General of Ohio
  79. Bill Haslam - Governor of Tennessee
  80. Bob Brown - Former Secretary of State of Montana
  81. Brian Calley - Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
  82. Brian Lees - Former State Senator of Massachusetts
  83. Brian Sandolva - Governor of Nevada
  84. Bruce Rauner - Governor of Illinois
  85. Carlos A. Gimenez - Mayor of Miami- Dade County
  86. Chad Mayes - California State Assembly Minority Leader
  87. Charisse Millet - Alaska State Representative
  88. Charlie Baker - Governor of Massachusetts
  89. Danny Jones - Mayor of Charleston West Virginia
  90. David Johnson - Iowa State Senator
  91. Dennis Daugaurd - Governor of South Dakota
  92. Gary Herbert - Governor of Utah
  93. George Pataki - Governor of New York
  94. Greg Bell - Former Lieutenant Governor of Utah
  95. Jack Ciattarelli - New Jersey State Representative
  96. Jack McGregor - Former Pennsylvania State Senator
  97. Jeb Bush - Governor of Florida
  98. Jim Durkin - Illinois House Republican
  99. Joel Giambra - Former Erie County Executive
  100. John Kasich - Governor of Ohio
  101. Jon Huntsman Jr. - Former Governor Utah
  102. Kay. A Orr - Former Governor of Nebraska
  103. Kim Guadagno -Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey
  104. Kurt Daudt - Minnesota State Representative
  105. Larry Hogan - Governor of Maryland
  106. Lois Sherman Hagarty - Former Penn State Representative
  107. Marc Racicot - Former Governor of Montana
  108. Matt Higgins - Former Press Secretary for New York City
  109. Meghan O’Sullivan- Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan under George W. Bus
  110. Michael Balboni - former New York State Senator
  111. Mark B. Madsen - Member of the Utah State Senate
  112. Neal Collins - South Carolina State Representative
  113. Paul Anderosn - Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court
  114. Phil Scott - Governor of Vermont
  115. Rick Snyder - Governor of Michigan
  116. Robert J. Bentley -Governor of Alabama
  117. Rocky Chavez - California State Representative
  118. Sam Reed - Former Secretary of State of Washington
  119. Spencer Cox -Lieutenant Governor of Utah
  120. Susana Martinez - Governor of New Mexico
  121. Tomas Regalado - Mayor of Miami
  122. Tim Pawlenty - Former Governor of Minnesota
  123. Will Weatherford - Florida State Representative
  124. William Milliken - Former Governor of Michigan
  125. Aaron Friedberg-Former National Security official
  126. A. Linwood Holton Jr. Virginia - Former Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
  127. Alberto J. Mora-Former Defense Department official
  128. Andrew Natsiol-Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development
  129. Betty Tamposi-Former State Department official
  130. Bill Kristol - Chief of Staff to the Vice President
  131. Brent Scowcroft - Former National Security advisor, Former Chair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.
  132. Carla Anderson Hills - Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Also Former U.S. Trade Representative.
  133. Carlos Gutierrez - Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  134. Charles Fried- U.S. Solicitor General
  135. Chester Crocker-Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Under President Reagan
  136. Carlos Gutierrez - Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  137. Dan Webb-Former U.S. Attorney
  138. Daniel F. Runde- Director of Global Development Alliance
  139. David F. Gordon -Former State Department Official
  140. David A. Gross-Former State Department Official
  141. David J. Kramer-Former State Department Official
  142. David Shedd-Former National Security Official
  143. Deborah Loewer-Former National Security Official
  144. Donal B. Ayer - U.S. Deputy Attorney General
  145. Don Beacon-Former Defense Department Official
  146. Donald Gregg - Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea
  147. Doug Feith -Former Defense Department Official
  148. Dov Zakheim-Former Defense Department Official
  149. Elliot A. Cohen-Former State Department Official
  150. Eric Edelman-Former Defense Department Official
  151. Evan McMullin-Former National Security Official
  152. Frances Townsend-Former National Security Official
  153. Frank Lavin-Former State Department Official
  154. Fred T. Goldberg- Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
  155. Gale Pollock-Former Defense Department Official
  156. Gary Edison-Former National Security Official
  157. Gary Schmitt-Former National Security official
  158. George P. Shultz - Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Former Director of Office management and Budget, Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  159. Greg Garcia-Former National Security Official
  160. Greg Mankiw - Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers
  161. Henry Paulson - U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  162. James K Glassman-Former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  163. James Jeffrey -Unites States Special Representative for Syria Engagement and Global Coalition to Defeat ISIL
  164. Jendayi Frazer-Former State Department official
  165. Jim Cicconi- White House Staff Secretary
  166. John B Bellinger- Former State Department official
  167. John McKay- Former U.S. attorney
  168. John Negroponte - Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Director of National Intelligence, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
  169. John Osborn-Former State Department Official
  170. Kalev Sepp-Former Defense Department Official
  171. Ken Adelman-Former National Security Official
  172. Kenneth Wainstein-Former National Security Official
  173. Kori Schake-Former National Security Official
  174. Kristen Silverberg-Former State Department Official
  175. Larry D. Thompson- U.S. Deputy Attorney General
  176. Lezlee Westine- Director of Public Liaison
  177. Linda Chavez-Director of the Office of Public Liaison
  178. Louis Wade Sullivan - Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  179. Mathew Waxman-Former Defense Department Official
  180. Mark Everson - Commissioner of Internal Revenue
  181. Martha Rainville-Former Defense Department Officia
  182. Mary Beth Long-Former Defense Department Official
  183. Michael Chertoff - Secretary of Homeland Security .
  184. Michael B. Donley-Former Defense Department Official
  185. Michael Green-Former National Security Official
  186. Michael Hayden-Former National Security Official
  187. Michael Mukasey - Former U.S. Attorney General
  188. Michael Rubin-Former Defense Department Official
  189. Mike Baker-Former National Security Official
  190. Paul Haenle-Former National Security Official
  191. Paul K. Charlton- U.S. Attorney
  192. Paul D. MIller-Former National Security Official
  193. Paul K. Charlton- U.S. Attorney
  194. Paul Wolfowtiz - Former President of World Bank, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense
  195. Peter Wehner- Director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives
  196. Peter Zeidenberg- Assistant U.S. Attorney
  197. Peter Feaver-Former National Security Official
  198. Peter Teeley-Former State Department Official
  199. Philip D. Brady- White House Staff Secretary
  200. Philip Zelikow-Former State Department Official
  201. Reuben Jeffery 3 - Former State Department Official
  202. Richard Armitage- Former State Department Official
  203. Richard Falkenrath-Former National Security Official
  204. R. Nichlas Burns- Former State Department Official
  205. Richard Miles-Former State Department Official
  206. Rob Portman - Ohio U.S. Trade Representative, and The Office of Management and Budget
  207. Robert Blackwill- Former State Department Official
  208. Robert Hastings-Former Defense Department Official
  209. Robert Joseph- Former State Department Official
  210. Robert McCallum-Former State Department Official
  211. Robert Tuttle-Former State Department Official
  212. Robert Zoellick - Former President of the World Bank Group, for U.S. Trade Representative, Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
  213. Roger Noriega-Former State Department Official
  214. Rosario Marin- Treasurer of the U.S.
  215. Scott Evertz- Director of National AIDS Policy
  216. Seth Cropseyp-Former Defense Department Official
  217. Shirin R. Tahir Kheli-Former State Department Official
  218. Stephen D. Krasner-Former State Department Official
  219. Stephen Slick-Former National Security Official
  220. Theodore Kassinger-U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce
  221. Thomas Mallon- Deputy Chairman of of the National Endowment of the Humanities
  222. Tim Kane-Former Defense Department Official
  223. Tom Donnelly-Former National Security Official
  224. Tom Ridge - Former US Director of Homeland Security, Former Homeland Advisor, Former Governor of Pennsylvania
  225. Tony Fratto- Deputy White House Press Secretary
  226. William Howard Taft IV - Former State Department Official
  227. William Ruckelshaus - Former Head of the Environmental Protection Agency
  228. A. J. Spiker - Chair of the Iowa Republican Party
  229. Al Cardenas- Former Chair of the Republican Party of Florida
  230. Beau Correll - Attorney, Political Activist
  231. Beverly LaHaye - Activist and Founder of Concerned Women for America
  232. Brent Bozell - Activist and Writer
  233. Charles Krauthammer - Columnist
  234. Christine Caine - Evangelical Author
  235. Chuck Robbins - CEO of Cisco Systems,
  236. Carly Fiorina - Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
  237. Daniel Akerson - Former Chairman and CEO of General Motors
  238. Daniel W. Drezner - Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
  239. Darryl Glenn - 2016 nominee
  240. David A. French - Author and Journalist
  241. David Brooks - Columnist
  242. David Harsanyi - Columnist
  243. George F. Will - Columnist
  244. Harry E. Sloan - Former CEO of MGM
  245. Jack Welch - Former CEO of General Electric
  246. James C. Langdon Jr. -Former National Security Official
  247. James Murren - Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International
  248. Jeffrey Gedmin -Author
  249. Jimmy LaSalvia - Co-Founder of GOProud
  250. John Weaver - Strategist
  251. Joshua Claybourn - Attorney, Author, Former Convention Delegate
  252. Juan Hernandez - Political Consultant, Co-Founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas
  253. Lionel Sosa - Political Consultant
  254. Mac Stipanovich - Strategist and Lobbyist
  255. Marc Andreessen -Co-Founder Netscape, Founder of Andreessen Horowitz Margaret Hoover - Consultant and Commentator
  256. Marjorie Dannenfelser - President of the Influential Anti-Abortion Group the Susan B. Anthony List.
  257. Mark Salter - Chief Aide to John McCain
  258. ary R. Habeck - Professor of Strategic Studies
  259. Matt KIbbe - Libertarian Ideals Advocate
  260. Max Boot - Author
  261. Meg Whitman - Former CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprises
  262. Michael Austin - Resident Scholar and Director of Japanese Studies at the American Enterprise Institute
  263. Michael Berry - Radio Host
  264. Michael Gerson -Columnist and Speechwriter or George W. Bush
  265. Michael Graham - Radio Host
  266. Mike Fernandez - Founder of MBF Healthcare Partners
  267. Mike Murphy - Political Consultant and Commentator
  268. Mindy Finn - Political Consultant
  269. Mona Charen - Columnist and Author
  270. Niall Ferguson - Professor of History at Stanford
  271. Patrick Chovanec - Economist
  272. Patrick Ruffini - Political Strategist
  273. Paul Singer - Founder and CEO of Cisco Systems,
  274. Peggy Noonan -Columnist for the Wall Street Journal
  275. Quin Hillyer - Columnist
  276. Randy Scheunermann, National Security and Foreign Political Advisor
  277. Richard Epstein - Legal Scholar
  278. Rick Wilson - Political Consultant and Former Republican Strategist
  279. Robert Kagan - Former Foreign Policy Advisor and Speechwriter,
  280. Robert P. George - Academic
  281. Ross Douthat - Columnist
  282. Sarah Longwell- Political Advisor
  283. Seth Klaman- Founder of MBF Healthcare Partners
  284. Steve Baer - Former President, United Republican Fund of Illinois
  285. Steve Schmidt - Campaign Strategist
  286. Steven G. Calabresi - Legal Scholar and Co-Founder of the Federalist Society
  287. Stuart Stevens - Political Consultant and Strategist
  288. William F. B O’Reilly - Political Strategist, Conservative Columnist
  289. Chris Gagin - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  290. Chris Truax -Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  291. David B. Waller-Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  292. George Conway- Founding Member of Checks & Balances, a Group of Conservative and Libertarian Lawyers Organized to Defend the Rule of Law.
  293. .Rodman Steele - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  294. Jennifer Horn -Communications Strategist and Former Chairman of the NH Republican Party
  295. John Weaver - National Political Strategist.
  296. Mike Madrid - Republican Strategist and Former Political Director of the California Republican Party.
  297. Peter Rusthoven - Legal advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  298. Phil Heimlich - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  299. Reed Galen- Independent Political Strategist
  300. Rick Hall - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  301. Rick Wilson - Long time Republican Media Consultant and Author of the New York Times Bestselling Book, Everything Trump Touches Dies
  302. Ron Steslow - Brand and Marketing Strategist and Independent Political Consultant
  303. Slade Gorton - Legal advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  304. Stanley A Twardy -Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  305. Steve Schmidt - National Political Strategist.
  306. Wendell Wilkie II -Legal advisor Republican Group Rule of Law

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