User Responsibility

  1. We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to the freedom of expression, but we will not tolerate any abusive or hateful speech. As Thumper’s mom said…”if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” If you just can’t help yourself from being rude, we reserve the right to take down your post and ultimately ban you from the website.
  2. Respect copyright. Only post articles and videos on our social media that you are authorized to use. This website and related social media adhere to the DMCA Copyright Protection laws (see our Terms of Service for more information) and will remove any materials that infringe on copyright. If you are caught infringing on copyright three times, your account will be deleted. If you think you’re the victim of copyright infringement, see our Terms of Service statement about that and other important matters.
  3. NO SPAM! Nobody likes it, especially not us. If you’re a repeat offender, your right to use the websites and related social media will be revoked.
  4. If you have a design or idea to contribute, use our Contact Us form. Due to an expected large volume of submissions, please be patient with our response team. We will accept those items with additive value and in the spirit of Visual Disobedience.
  5. We appreciate getting your feedback on what you think the sites need and how they could be even better! Use our Contact Us form for that.

We Enforce the Above Guidelines.

Visual Disobedience staff will consider these guidelines in their review of submitted materials for inclusion on the sites or related social media. Sometimes a submission doesn’t violate our User Responsibilities, but may not be appropriate for the goal of this campaign.

The DT Visual Disobedience campaign is for everyone–Worldwide.

We started this site to engage those who prefer not to see DT as the U.S. President, everywhere! Please be respectful of one another’s POV. Thanks for reading this and taking your user responsibilities to heart.

Above all, get involved in this important campaign for us all!

The DT Visual Disobedience Team
September, 2018