Republicans Voicing Opposition to Trump5

Republicans Voicing Opposition to Trump

The list of names for each category can be found using the links shown below. They total Republicans.

Current/former Federal elected officials
Current/former State elected or appointed officials
Appointed federal officials
Business execs/ persons in public eye
Other notable Republicans

Other Notable Republicans

George Conway III
George Conway III
Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt

(alphabetized by first name)

  1. Adam Kinzinger - House of Representatives (Illinois)
  2. Ann Wagner - House of Representatives (Missouri)
  3. Barbara Comstock - House of Representatives (Virginia)
  4. Ben Sasse -Senator from Nebraska
  5. Bill Clinger - Former House of Representatives ( Pennsylvania)
  6. Bill Cohen - Former Senator (Maine)
  7. Bob Dold - House of Representatives (Illinois)
  8. Bob Inglis - Former House of Representative (South Carolina)
  9. Carlos Curbelo - House of Representatives (Florida)
  10. Charlie Dent - House of Representative (Pennsylvania)
  11. Chris Shays - Former House of Representatives (Connecticut)
  12. Claudine Schneider - Former House of Representatives (Rhode Island)
  13. Cory Gardner - Senator from Colorado
  14. Cresent Hardy - House of Representatives ( Nevada)
  15. David Jolly - House of Representatives (Florida)
  16. David Valadao - House of Representatives (California)
  17. Dan Sullivan - Senator from Alaska
  18. Dean Heller - Senator from Nevada
  19. Edward Weber - Former House of Representatives (Ohio)
  20. Erik Paulsen - House of Representatives (Minnesota)
  21. Frank LoBiondo - House of Representatives (New Jersey)
  22. Fred Upton - House of Representatives (Michigan)
  23. George H.Bush- Former U.S. President
  24. George W. Bush-Former U.S. President
  25. Gordon J. Humphrey - Former Senator from New Hampshire
  26. G. William Whitehurst - Former House of Representatives (Virginia)
  27. Illeana Ros Lehtinen- House of Representatives (Florida)
  28. Jack Buechner - Former House of Representatives (Missouri)
  29. Jaime Herrera Beutler- House of Representatives (Washington)
  30. J.C. Watts - Former House of Representatives (Oklahoma).
  31. Jeff Flake - Senator from Arizona
  32. Jeff Fortenberry - House of Representatives (Nebraska)
  33. Jim Kolbe - Former House of Representatives (Arizona)
  34. Jim Leach - Former House of Representatives (Iowa)
  35. Joe Scarborough - Former House of Representatives (Florida)
  36. John Katko - House of Representatives (New York)
  37. John McCain (late Senator)
  38. Jon Porter - Former House of Representatives (Illinois)
  39. John Warner - Former Senator from Virginia
  40. Justin Amash -House of Representatives (Michigan)
  41. Kay Granger - House of Representatives (Texas)
  42. Kelly Ayotte - Senator from New Hampshire
  43. Lindsey Graham - Senator from South Carolina
  44. Lisa Murkowski - Senator from Alaska
  45. Mark Kirk - Senator from Illinois
  46. Mark Souder - Former House of Representatives (Indiana)
  47. Martha Roby - House of Representatives (Alabama)
  48. Mel Martinez - Former Senator from Florida, Former U.S. Secretary of Housing Urban Development, and Former General Chair of Republican National Committee.
  49. Mia Love - House of Representatives (Utah)
  50. Mike Coffman - House of Representatives (Colorado)
  51. Mike Lee - Senator from Utah
  52. Mike Parker - Former House of Representatives (Mississippi)
  53. Mike Simpson - House of Representatives (Idaho)
  54. Mitt Romney - Senator from Utah ,Former Governor of Massachusetts
  55. Norm Coleman - Former Senator from Minnesota
  56. Pat Meehan - House of Representatives (Pennsylvania)
  57. Pete Mc Closkey - Former House of Representatives (California)
  58. Ray LaHood - Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation and Former U.S. Representative from Illinois.
  59. Reid Ribble - House of Representatives ( Wisconsin)
  60. Richard L. Hanna - House of Representatives (New York)
  61. Rodney Davis - House of Representatives (Illinois)
  62. Ross Spano - House of Representatives (Florida)
  63. Scott Rigell - House of Representatives (Virginia)
  64. Slade Gorton - Former Senator from Washington
  65. Sherwood Boehlert - Former House of Representatives (New York)
  66. Steve Bartlett - Former House of Representatives (Texas)
  67. Steve Knight - House of Representatives (California)
  68. Steve Kuykendall - Former House of Representatives (California)
  69. Susan Collins - Senator from Maine
  70. Tom Campbell - Former House of Representatives (California)
  71. Tom Petri - Former House of Representatives (Wisconsin)
  72. Tom Rooney - House of Representatives (Florida)
  73. Vin Weber - Former House of Representatives (Minnesota)
  74. Will Hurd - House of Representatives (Texas)
  75. Aimee Winder Newton - Member of the Salt Lake County Council
  76. Arne Carlson - Former Governor of Minnesota
  77. Arnold Schwarzenegger- Former Governor of California
  78. Betty Montgomery - Attorney General of Ohio
  79. Bill Haslam - Governor of Tennessee
  80. Bob Brown - Former Secretary of State of Montana
  81. Brian Calley - Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
  82. Brian Lees - Former State Senator of Massachusetts
  83. Brian Sandolva - Governor of Nevada
  84. Bruce Rauner - Governor of Illinois
  85. Carlos A. Gimenez - Mayor of Miami- Dade County
  86. Chad Mayes - California State Assembly Minority Leader
  87. Charisse Millet - Alaska State Representative
  88. Charlie Baker - Governor of Massachusetts
  89. Danny Jones - Mayor of Charleston West Virginia
  90. David Johnson - Iowa State Senator
  91. Dennis Daugaurd - Governor of South Dakota
  92. Gary Herbert - Governor of Utah
  93. George Pataki - Governor of New York
  94. Greg Bell - Former Lieutenant Governor of Utah
  95. Jack Ciattarelli - New Jersey State Representative
  96. Jack McGregor - Former Pennsylvania State Senator
  97. Jeb Bush - Governor of Florida
  98. Jim Durkin - Illinois House Republican
  99. Joel Giambra - Former Erie County Executive
  100. John Kasich - Governor of Ohio
  101. Jon Huntsman Jr. - Former Governor Utah
  102. Kay. A Orr - Former Governor of Nebraska
  103. Kim Guadagno -Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey
  104. Kurt Daudt - Minnesota State Representative
  105. Larry Hogan - Governor of Maryland
  106. Lois Sherman Hagarty - Former Penn State Representative
  107. Marc Racicot - Former Governor of Montana
  108. Matt Higgins - Former Press Secretary for New York City
  109. Meghan O’Sullivan- Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan under George W. Bus
  110. Michael Balboni - former New York State Senator
  111. Mark B. Madsen - Member of the Utah State Senate
  112. Neal Collins - South Carolina State Representative
  113. Paul Anderosn - Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court
  114. Phil Scott - Governor of Vermont
  115. Rick Snyder - Governor of Michigan
  116. Robert J. Bentley -Governor of Alabama
  117. Rocky Chavez - California State Representative
  118. Sam Reed - Former Secretary of State of Washington
  119. Spencer Cox -Lieutenant Governor of Utah
  120. Susana Martinez - Governor of New Mexico
  121. Tomas Regalado - Mayor of Miami
  122. Tim Pawlenty - Former Governor of Minnesota
  123. Will Weatherford - Florida State Representative
  124. William Milliken - Former Governor of Michigan
  125. Aaron Friedberg-Former National Security official
  126. A. Linwood Holton Jr. Virginia - Former Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
  127. Alberto J. Mora-Former Defense Department official
  128. Andrew Natsiol-Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development
  129. Betty Tamposi-Former State Department official
  130. Bill Kristol - Chief of Staff to the Vice President
  131. Brent Scowcroft - Former National Security advisor, Former Chair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.
  132. Carla Anderson Hills - Former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Also Former U.S. Trade Representative.
  133. Carlos Gutierrez - Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  134. Charles Fried- U.S. Solicitor General
  135. Chester Crocker-Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Under President Reagan
  136. Carlos Gutierrez - Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  137. Dan Webb-Former U.S. Attorney
  138. Daniel F. Runde- Director of Global Development Alliance
  139. David F. Gordon -Former State Department Official
  140. David A. Gross-Former State Department Official
  141. David J. Kramer-Former State Department Official
  142. David Shedd-Former National Security Official
  143. Deborah Loewer-Former National Security Official
  144. Donal B. Ayer - U.S. Deputy Attorney General
  145. Don Beacon-Former Defense Department Official
  146. Donald Gregg - Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea
  147. Doug Feith -Former Defense Department Official
  148. Dov Zakheim-Former Defense Department Official
  149. Elliot A. Cohen-Former State Department Official
  150. Eric Edelman-Former Defense Department Official
  151. Evan McMullin-Former National Security Official
  152. Frances Townsend-Former National Security Official
  153. Frank Lavin-Former State Department Official
  154. Fred T. Goldberg- Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
  155. Gale Pollock-Former Defense Department Official
  156. Gary Edison-Former National Security Official
  157. Gary Schmitt-Former National Security official
  158. George P. Shultz - Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Former Director of Office management and Budget, Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  159. Greg Garcia-Former National Security Official
  160. Greg Mankiw - Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers
  161. Henry Paulson - U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  162. James K Glassman-Former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  163. James Jeffrey -Unites States Special Representative for Syria Engagement and Global Coalition to Defeat ISIL
  164. Jendayi Frazer-Former State Department official
  165. Jim Cicconi- White House Staff Secretary
  166. John B Bellinger- Former State Department official
  167. John McKay- Former U.S. attorney
  168. John Negroponte - Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Director of National Intelligence, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
  169. John Osborn-Former State Department Official
  170. Kalev Sepp-Former Defense Department Official
  171. Ken Adelman-Former National Security Official
  172. Kenneth Wainstein-Former National Security Official
  173. Kori Schake-Former National Security Official
  174. Kristen Silverberg-Former State Department Official
  175. Larry D. Thompson- U.S. Deputy Attorney General
  176. Lezlee Westine- Director of Public Liaison
  177. Linda Chavez-Director of the Office of Public Liaison
  178. Louis Wade Sullivan - Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  179. Mathew Waxman-Former Defense Department Official
  180. Mark Everson - Commissioner of Internal Revenue
  181. Martha Rainville-Former Defense Department Officia
  182. Mary Beth Long-Former Defense Department Official
  183. Michael Chertoff - Secretary of Homeland Security .
  184. Michael B. Donley-Former Defense Department Official
  185. Michael Green-Former National Security Official
  186. Michael Hayden-Former National Security Official
  187. Michael Mukasey - Former U.S. Attorney General
  188. Michael Rubin-Former Defense Department Official
  189. Mike Baker-Former National Security Official
  190. Paul Haenle-Former National Security Official
  191. Paul K. Charlton- U.S. Attorney
  192. Paul D. MIller-Former National Security Official
  193. Paul K. Charlton- U.S. Attorney
  194. Paul Wolfowtiz - Former President of World Bank, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense
  195. Peter Wehner- Director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives
  196. Peter Zeidenberg- Assistant U.S. Attorney
  197. Peter Feaver-Former National Security Official
  198. Peter Teeley-Former State Department Official
  199. Philip D. Brady- White House Staff Secretary
  200. Philip Zelikow-Former State Department Official
  201. Reuben Jeffery 3 - Former State Department Official
  202. Richard Armitage- Former State Department Official
  203. Richard Falkenrath-Former National Security Official
  204. R. Nichlas Burns- Former State Department Official
  205. Richard Miles-Former State Department Official
  206. Rob Portman - Ohio U.S. Trade Representative, and The Office of Management and Budget
  207. Robert Blackwill- Former State Department Official
  208. Robert Hastings-Former Defense Department Official
  209. Robert Joseph- Former State Department Official
  210. Robert McCallum-Former State Department Official
  211. Robert Tuttle-Former State Department Official
  212. Robert Zoellick - Former President of the World Bank Group, for U.S. Trade Representative, Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
  213. Roger Noriega-Former State Department Official
  214. Rosario Marin- Treasurer of the U.S.
  215. Scott Evertz- Director of National AIDS Policy
  216. Seth Cropseyp-Former Defense Department Official
  217. Shirin R. Tahir Kheli-Former State Department Official
  218. Stephen D. Krasner-Former State Department Official
  219. Stephen Slick-Former National Security Official
  220. Theodore Kassinger-U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce
  221. Thomas Mallon- Deputy Chairman of of the National Endowment of the Humanities
  222. Tim Kane-Former Defense Department Official
  223. Tom Donnelly-Former National Security Official
  224. Tom Ridge - Former US Director of Homeland Security, Former Homeland Advisor, Former Governor of Pennsylvania
  225. Tony Fratto- Deputy White House Press Secretary
  226. William Howard Taft IV - Former State Department Official
  227. William Ruckelshaus - Former Head of the Environmental Protection Agency
  228. A. J. Spiker - Chair of the Iowa Republican Party
  229. Al Cardenas- Former Chair of the Republican Party of Florida
  230. Beau Correll - Attorney, Political Activist
  231. Beverly LaHaye - Activist and Founder of Concerned Women for America
  232. Brent Bozell - Activist and Writer
  233. Charles Krauthammer - Columnist
  234. Christine Caine - Evangelical Author
  235. Chuck Robbins - CEO of Cisco Systems,
  236. Carly Fiorina - Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
  237. Daniel Akerson - Former Chairman and CEO of General Motors
  238. Daniel W. Drezner - Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
  239. Darryl Glenn - 2016 nominee
  240. David A. French - Author and Journalist
  241. David Brooks - Columnist
  242. David Harsanyi - Columnist
  243. George F. Will - Columnist
  244. Harry E. Sloan - Former CEO of MGM
  245. Jack Welch - Former CEO of General Electric
  246. James C. Langdon Jr. -Former National Security Official
  247. James Murren - Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International
  248. Jeffrey Gedmin -Author
  249. Jimmy LaSalvia - Co-Founder of GOProud
  250. John Weaver - Strategist
  251. Joshua Claybourn - Attorney, Author, Former Convention Delegate
  252. Juan Hernandez - Political Consultant, Co-Founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas
  253. Lionel Sosa - Political Consultant
  254. Mac Stipanovich - Strategist and Lobbyist
  255. Marc Andreessen -Co-Founder Netscape, Founder of Andreessen Horowitz Margaret Hoover - Consultant and Commentator
  256. Marjorie Dannenfelser - President of the Influential Anti-Abortion Group the Susan B. Anthony List.
  257. Mark Salter - Chief Aide to John McCain
  258. ary R. Habeck - Professor of Strategic Studies
  259. Matt KIbbe - Libertarian Ideals Advocate
  260. Max Boot - Author
  261. Meg Whitman - Former CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprises
  262. Michael Austin - Resident Scholar and Director of Japanese Studies at the American Enterprise Institute
  263. Michael Berry - Radio Host
  264. Michael Gerson -Columnist and Speechwriter or George W. Bush
  265. Michael Graham - Radio Host
  266. Mike Fernandez - Founder of MBF Healthcare Partners
  267. Mike Murphy - Political Consultant and Commentator
  268. Mindy Finn - Political Consultant
  269. Mona Charen - Columnist and Author
  270. Niall Ferguson - Professor of History at Stanford
  271. Patrick Chovanec - Economist
  272. Patrick Ruffini - Political Strategist
  273. Paul Singer - Founder and CEO of Cisco Systems,
  274. Peggy Noonan -Columnist for the Wall Street Journal
  275. Quin Hillyer - Columnist
  276. Randy Scheunermann, National Security and Foreign Political Advisor
  277. Richard Epstein - Legal Scholar
  278. Rick Wilson - Political Consultant and Former Republican Strategist
  279. Robert Kagan - Former Foreign Policy Advisor and Speechwriter,
  280. Robert P. George - Academic
  281. Ross Douthat - Columnist
  282. Sarah Longwell- Political Advisor
  283. Seth Klaman- Founder of MBF Healthcare Partners
  284. Steve Baer - Former President, United Republican Fund of Illinois
  285. Steve Schmidt - Campaign Strategist
  286. Steven G. Calabresi - Legal Scholar and Co-Founder of the Federalist Society
  287. Stuart Stevens - Political Consultant and Strategist
  288. William F. B O’Reilly - Political Strategist, Conservative Columnist
  289. Chris Gagin - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  290. Chris Truax -Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  291. David B. Waller-Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  292. George Conway- Founding Member of Checks & Balances, a Group of Conservative and Libertarian Lawyers Organized to Defend the Rule of Law.
  293. .Rodman Steele - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  294. Jennifer Horn -Communications Strategist and Former Chairman of the NH Republican Party
  295. John Weaver - National Political Strategist.
  296. Mike Madrid - Republican Strategist and Former Political Director of the California Republican Party.
  297. Peter Rusthoven - Legal advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  298. Phil Heimlich - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  299. Reed Galen- Independent Political Strategist
  300. Rick Hall - Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  301. Rick Wilson - Long time Republican Media Consultant and Author of the New York Times Bestselling Book, Everything Trump Touches Dies
  302. Ron Steslow - Brand and Marketing Strategist and Independent Political Consultant
  303. Slade Gorton - Legal advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  304. Stanley A Twardy -Legal Advisor Republican Group Rule of Law
  305. Steve Schmidt - National Political Strategist.
  306. Wendell Wilkie II -Legal advisor Republican Group Rule of Law

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