Refusing Gracefully

How to word your invite regrets  

The DT ‘Vis Dis’ pledge includes not being seen at a Trump business. It’s often difficult to know what words to use when declining to attend a celebration or business meeting, so we’ve provided below several examples for you. Use them as a starting point for your regret text, email, or letter. Do personalize your regret too.

It’s important to send your regrets as early as possible.  Who knows, maybe the event location will be shifted to a non-Trump business location!

Examples of Regrets Notes

Save the Date email/card

I received your save-the-date note. I’m very happy you are planning to get married in three months, and thank you for inviting me. I see the reception is at a hotel owned by Donald Trump. As a supporter of the DT Visual Disobedience Campaign, I unfortunately will not be able to attend the reception.

I, of course, plan to be at the Church to celebrate the wedding ceremony. Should the reception be moved to a non-Trump  business location, I’ll be there!

(Much love, Yours, etc.),


Dear Claudia,

I received your text invite to your Sweet 16 birthday party. I see the party is at a golf course clubhouse owned by Donald Trump. As a supporter of the DT Visual Disobedience Campaign, I’m disappointed to say I won’t be able to attend.

Should the party be moved to a non-Trump location, I would be happy to be there with you.

Maybe we can celebrate another day? I’ll text you.


Business Get Together

Dear Paul,

Congratulations on your promotion! I am excited to see that you got the position you’ve been wanting. You certainly deserve it after all the hard work you’ve put into your job.

I see Human Resources  scheduled the after-work reception at a restaurant owned by Donald Trump. As we’ve discussed at a recent lunch, a supporter of the DT Visual Disobedience Campaign pledges not to be seen at a DT-owned business.  So I will unfortunately have to miss this event. If you can influence HR to move the get-together to a non-Trump owned location, I’d be happy to join in your celebration!

Talk to you soon,