An Overview of Our Campaign

An Overview of Our Campaign

The Vis Dis bipartisan campaign goal is to have Trump lose the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. The campaign’s initial focus is to register to vote the new (Gen Z) 18-to-21 year old voters who did not vote in the last election, with a focus on the 5 key states as described in our video.

Trump’s climate-change-denier actions described here threaten the well-being of Gen Z, and their children in particular.

Five Key States

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Presuming the other states vote as they did in 2016, flipping 38 electoral votes from these five states would defeat Trump. Note in particular how close the vote was in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with their combined 46 electoral votes.

We have a ‘Quick & Easy’ Voter Registration and Voting Guide. Our guide explains each of the five key state’s rules as of May 2020. Check for changes due to the pandemic.

Campaign gear can be purchased at the Visual Disobedience store, or created by oneself then shared with fellow supporters here if one wants. Vis Dis™ campaign supporters are requested ‘not-to-be-seen’ at any DT business, details found on our Google Map. Finally, any Vis Dis financial support is welcomed of course.

We chose Visual Disobedience for our campaign theme because Trump is like many of us– we get much of our information and share visually through social media, videos, & photos. Our ‘Stand Up to Trump’ counter allow each of us 18 and over worldwide to visually vote against his re-election–start there now!

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