Your Vis Dis Campaign

Your Vis DisTM Campaign

Trump protest demo in BerlinSo, you are interested in getting involved in the Visual Disobedience™ campaign with your fellow supporters–great! We first guide you so you can create your personal Vis Dis™ campaign action plan. A brief overview of our approach and why we chose it follows the campaign action plan discussion.

We will no longer be the Unseen Majority™!

Put Together Your Own Campaign Action Plan

Actions 1 to 6 below can be managed using your smartphone. They don’t require a lot of time or expense, so hopefully most supporters can do them. Slot in an hour or two on your e-calendar weekly for your chosen actions. Actions 7 to 12 are location or skill-based and require a larger commitment of time.

Have some other ideas for the Vis Dis™ campaign? Please share them using our Contact Us form, checking the second (middle) box. Explain your idea in the comment box.

We hope all our Unseen Majority™ supporters create their own personal Vis Dis ™ action plan they can commit to. For those comfortable financially, we’d appreciate your support here to ensure we will have a successful campaign.

Interesting Fact: U.S. election rules surprisingly allow people residing outside the U.S. to participate in the U.S. Presidential election–see our discussion under 7. below.

Actions For All

  1. If you haven’t registered to vote, do so now. Follow our Quick & Easy instructions here. You can also help family members and friends to register, any time before the deadline! Send them the link to the Quick & Easy instructions too.
  2. Take the pledge, if you haven’t yet! We want the Republican Party to see a big pledge number so they know what they are up against, if they nominate Trump to run.
  3. Spread the word about Use your social media, and text/email family and friends—particularly those living in Washington DC and New York City where we plan to have visual events. Submit your Vis Dis™ photos or videos we can share on our Vis Dis™ Instagram account. We hope all this will create a ‘word of mouth’ effect.
  4. Don’t be seen at DT businesses. Send regrets if invited to an activity at a DT business. See our Refusing Invites Gracefully for some “how-to” guidance.
  5. If you know someone in a key state location (Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin), make sure they know about the Vis Dis ™ campaign. Encourage or help them to register to vote here too. See why we chose these key states here.
  6. Create or buy a bumper sticker or lawn sign to display where you live, or wear a Vis Dis™ cap around town. See our Vis Dis ™ gear for how to buy campaign gear.

Actions in Specific Locations

  1. U.S. election rules surprisingly allow people residing outside the U.S. to participate in the U.S. Presidential election in specific ways as long as one is not paid. See the FEC’s ‘Volunteer Activity’ discussion here. For example, those living abroad might help U.S. citizens register to vote in the five key states –see our Ethnicity Table by State here.

    Alert your overseas friends and acquaintances. One can help unregistered U.S. citizens register to vote. Eligible Hispanic voters historically have been under-represented. Or help registered voters apply to vote using absentee ballots or remind them to vote early, where permitted. As you know, our state-by-state how-to instructions are here.

    Campaign supporters residing outside the U.S., let Trump know about your displeasure should he visit your country. Download our logos here. Make your own logo-based signs and let his motorcade know how you feel about his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Finally, if you are 18 years or older, PLEASE take the pledge here.

  2. Trump Tower and White House: put up window signs if you live in adjacent residences, and bumper stickers on cars in the area. Participate when you can in daily sign demonstrations we plan to organize during commute hours and lunch. Post a photo of your involvement to Instagram and tag us @visdisDT.
  3. Those living within several blocks of a DT golf course, keep lawn signs on your front lawn, facing cars driving by on your side of the street. Do check local rules and regulations regarding where signage can be posted. Contact us if help is needed. Post a photo of your Vis Dis™ lawn sign to Instagram and tag us @visdisDT, noting the nearby golf course.
  4. If you reside in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin, start a visual Vis Dis™ display now: lawn sign, bumper sticker, or baseball cap with a logo you’ll wear. If the VisDis campaign energizes you, spread the word to your neighbors. Hold local events. Post away on Instagram and tag us @visdisDT.
  5. Be ready to participate in DT Vis Dis™ demonstrations, if DT is traveling to your area. Check our tweets or our Google calendar first to see if there are any Vis Dis™ events planned where DT is traveling. See our calendar discussion and calendars here if you would like to use them.
  6. Are you an accomplished singer, actor, or athlete? Please put your star power to work in support of the Vis Dis™ campaign! Singers, it’s easy to find country western, soul, and rock songs about cheating, lying or being fooled—how about a ‘key state’ Fall 2020 concert tour?

Action Plan Overview

We chose to focus our campaign activities in five key states, with a strong anti-Trump message—see why here. We plan to have ‘get out the Gen Z and Millennial vote’ activities in the months leading up to the Tuesday November 3 election day—see our short discussion why (through Figure 4) here. In any ‘get out the anti DT vote’ discussion, mention the use of absentee ballots and early voting for those who may not be able to get to the polls due to likely early November weather or mobility issues. Check here, to see if one’s state of residence allows ‘no excuses needed’ absentee ballots and/or early voting.

As Trump seems to be a visual thinker, our demonstrations focus on the visual. Vis Dis™ supporters will be seen as often as possible in certain key locations–seen primarily by DT, his family, and his inner circle. Washington DC (White House) and New York City are the two key locations. We intend to hire organizers there, so any necessary permits are obtained and rules are followed. We also want visuals around DT’s main business interests–hotels & golf courses.

Supporters at the two key locations will be most effective if they are seen during the morning & evening commutes, and around lunchtime. Every hour or two we can be visual there will help. Even a handful of ‘drop by’ demonstrators, along with an ever-increasing pledge counter, will be very effective in getting our message across. Of course, feel free to make your own signs, incorporating our eye logo design iin some way on any signs or stickers you create on your own or feel free to customize our blank logos on Zazzle. We want our message to be consistent.

The Republican nominating convention is scheduled for August 24-27, 2020, in Charlotte, North Carolina. We believe a heightened level of our visual disobedience activity should start in Charlotte and in North Carolina soon.

DT’s travel schedule is usually only known a day or two in advance. Hopefully, some Vis Dis™ supporters can be there with signs, posters and/or caps when DT arrives at his destination. This can be anywhere in the world, so our supporters need to be global, too.

On our Google Calendar below, we will highlight Vis Dis™ events on a daily basis, so those at key locations can check in and know how they can pitch in if they have the time. We have separate color calendars orange (DT travel) and Big Apple red (New York City and other key location events). Link one or both of our calendars to your Google calendar using the “+” button on the lower right of each calendar if you want to follow that activity daily. See November 1 as an example of what these events look like in the two colors.

Finally, remember not to be seen at any DT businesses and particularly reach out to your friends should they reside near a DT business found on our Google Map. We are hoping the likely reduction in Trump’s business revenue and resulting decrease in Trump’s brand value will encourage him not to seek re-election.

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