Handling Blowbacks

Handling Blowbacks

By a blowback, we mean the often angry responses we might receive from DT supporters when they see us using campaign gear like a baseball cap or lawn sign. After all, DT supporters currently number around 40% according to some recent polls.  DT supporters may begin a conversation with us, to come to his defense. They may be a bit upset already about our Visual Disobedience campaign.

An Approach

Hopefully, you will have only a few blowbacks! Handling a blowback when you encounter one, can be done with a straightforward approach:

  1. Already have in your mind several reasons you support the Visual Disobedience campaign. Take a look at our four articles on DT’s Egregious Acts, and choose the events or actions there you find the most deplorable. If helpful, memorize a few keywords and phrases (e.g. immoral, Helsinki press conference).
  2. When approached, if asked about the Vis Dis campaign calmly share with the DT supporter your reasons for supporting the campaign. If a cordial discussion occurs, continue it as long as you wish. Then to end it, say something like, “I appreciate hearing your point of view, but I feel strongly about supporting the DT Visual Disobedience Campaign. I hope you now can understand why. Good-bye.”
  3. If a DT supporter becomes angry and begins a blowback rant, it’s important you remain calm (mindful). For many of us Visual Disobedience supporters, this is easier done if we hardly listen to the heated words. As soon as you sense anger or hear one of the DT supporter’s typical phrases (“stop being a —”, “Hillary Clinton”, “Mueller”, etc.), start to count in your mind to 15. Watching the supporter’s forehead can be helpful, as you count.
  4. When you reach 15, interrupt. Acknowledge that you see the DT supporter is angry. Say you no longer think it is productive to discuss the reasons for your ‘Vis Dis’ Campaign support.  Excuse yourself then walk away if the conversation is with a stranger, or change the conversation subject (to the weather, weekend plans, etc.) if the conversation is with a friend or family member.

NEVER try to convince a DT supporter to change his point of view. That is not what this campaign is about. Recall they are in the minority if you feel momentarily overpowered.


Imagine you’re walking with a friend in the mall. You’re wearing your Visual Disobedience baseball hat. A stranger comes up to you:

Stranger (seeing your cap): “You know, you are being totally unfair to our President by wearing that cap.”

You: “I support this Visual Disobedience campaign because the President can’t be trusted, he has misrepresented facts on numerous…”

Stranger (Getting angrier, interrupting you): “This Mueller investig…”

You (now barely listening, counting to yourself to remain calm): 1, 2….

Stranger (you kinda hear): “…majority support…swamp…”

You (to yourself): …14, 15… (then, interrupting): “I can see you are upset. This isn’t a good time for either of us to discuss this. Excuse me, please. Good-bye.” (Walk around the stranger, and quietly leave).

Remember, if you are having this conversation with a friend or at a family event, change the subject. Do not attempt to convert them–though we wouldn’t be surprised if our campaign eventually changes some DT supporters point of view!

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