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Easy Ways To Get Involved!

Remember, Trump will do ANYTHING he can to win the election! 

Gen Z involvement is critical to win the five key states.

Key State Voting Facts

Gen Z Voting Keys

  • If you have not already, register to vote no later than September 30 so you can timely apply for early voting techniques.
  • Once registered, apply to use absentee or mail-in ballots, or early voting to submit your ballot early. See the quick and easy state-specific instructions here. Check any recent state voting changes due to the pandemic.
  • Most importantly submit your ballot early, say by October 27! Be sure your required signature matches or is close to matching your signature on your ID card, so your ballot can be processed smoothly.
  • Take a photo of your ballot number, and later check that your vote has been counted online if your state provides that service. Consider taking a selfie putting your ballot in the ballot box, as evidence of your timely voting.
  • Gen Z, let’s increase our average 46% participation, particularly in the 5 key states. Share your ideas how here. Remember you can just vote for Biden, and submit your ballot.

We’re comin for you, boomers!

Help Defeat Trump

  • Reach out to everyone you know, particularly in the 5 swing states and help them with their voting keys we described above. Or give them this or a similar link so they can register for themselves. Smartphone registration allowed in Florida, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin, and now Michigan, making it easier!
  • Surprisingly, U.S. election rules allow those living outside the U.S. to get involved. Encourage them to Stand Up and Be Counted too! Use one of our eight translation boards, to copy then send to your overseas friends! Let’s move the counter, embarrass Trump!

    Let’s move the counter, embarrass Trump.
  • Reside near Trump Tower? The White House? Or one of Trump’s golf courses? Put signs in your windows! Put out anti-Trump lawn signs that face traffic. Swag available here!
  • Consider being a poll worker–help is needed to ensure free and open elections! NPR background info here. Check out Power the Polls to make it happen.
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