Campaign Gear

Campaign Gear

Our team has created logos using our proprietary design. Several logos include a letter shaped like a gun, symbolizing DT’s close connection to the NRA. The last four logos are space holders, representing logos to be enhanced by you–our supporters! If you’d like to try out your own creativity, check out our logo creativity page.

Please note our Terms of Use limit your use of our logos and/or trademarked phrases to personal (non-business) use only.

Check out the variety of our Vis Dis ™ merchandise incorporating these logos: ★ Click here to buy the gear ★.

You will find “We Won’t Be Fooled Again”, “You’re Fired”, “Do Not Nominate”, “Do Not Re-elect”, and “Take The Pledge” related phrases, used with either a Visual Disobedience™ or Vis Dis™ logo. Choose the merchandise you want to order. Click on “Collections” to view products by type (clothing, kitchen, bags, etc.), or use the “Refine by Category” dropdown to zero in on your merchandise type. You can also use the search bar at the top to the right of Zazzle. For example, a search for “visualdisobedience bumper stickers” should show all the bumper stickers you can choose from.

Place your order today! If you’ve never shopped on Zazzle, you’ll need to open an account first. If you do open an account, no need to give Zazzle access to your email list!

If you order a lawn sign, be sure to include a metal stand for it if you don’t have one.

Please ignore any DT supportive items suggested by Zazzle’s algorithm, in their “Other Designs You Might Like” area.

Vendors: If you would like to be considered as a pre-selected vendor to sell merchandise incorporating our logos and trademarks, reach out to us using our Contact Us form. Include your website URL and the name, email address, and phone number of your contact person in the comments box. Please review our Temporary Trademark License agreement first for all the legal details. Should you copy and use any of our trademarked logos shown below, you agree to our Temporary Trademark License, Terms of Use, User Responsibilities, and Privacy Policy. Individuals, the Terms of Use limit your use of the logo designs and/or trademarked phrases to personal (non-business) use only.

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