-Egregious Acts

Dgaf About Climate Change

There is no planet b

Trump has repeatedly denied the threat of climate change, claiming that it is a “hoax.” On November 26, 2018, the Trump administration attempted to bury a federal report explaining the devastating economic consequences of climate change. By June 2019, Trump had reversed over 80 rules and regulations related to air and water pollution, and the use of toxic substances on crops.

Trump was a headass by withdrawing from the U.S. Paris Agreement, a global agreement of necessary actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If he is defeated, we can rejoin the Paris Agreement! More details here.

Trump Lies 24/7

Fact checker data

MacDonald Trump habitually lies to the U.S. public, primarily to bolster his re-election chances. Since his 2017 inauguration, the Washington Post has maintained a count of Trump’s lies and misrepresentations. The late May 2020 count was over 19,000, over 15 per day, including his many recent pandemic misrepresentations. Such an astounding number for a U.S. President! His words can’t be trusted. Check it out.

Maledict Towards Women

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Historically, Trump has mistreated women. During an April 2005 conversation with Howard Stern, Trump said he purposefully went into the dressing rooms at his beauty pageants while women were unclothed. He also has had many affairs with women while married, including Stormy Daniels. In a 2005 taped discussion with Billy Bush, Trump mentioned how he grabs women by their private parts. After this tape was released, many women subsequently came forward, claiming that Trump had sexually assaulted them. Trump hung out with Jeffrey Epstein, notorious for sexually abusing young girls. More specifics here.

Trump In Bed With Russia … & NRA

Putin in Bed

Intelligence agency evidence proved that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. In 2017 Congress passed sanctions to punish Russia for its interference. Trump signed the bill, then did nothing to enforce it–making his signing a meaningless gesture. At the 2018 Helsinki Conference, Putin admitted wanting Trump to win. Trump tried to hide Putin’s statement, deleting it from the conference tape. Recent in­telligence suggests Russia has also been paying the Taliban a bounty for killed U.S. soldiers. Russia remains unpunished. All the deets here.

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