Egregious Act: Mistreatment of Women

Egregious Act: Mistreatment of Women

DT ’s treatment of women and his sexual morals are very upsetting, as are DT ’s many misrepresentations related to certain “hush money” payments. We chronicle some key events in the timeline below. There have been many vulgar DT references towards women over the years. A CNN article has links to audio clips of some of those conversations (Note 1).

Chronicle of Important Events

June 14, 1946: DT born

April 7, 1977: DT marries Ivana Trump. They divorced on March 22, 1992. His children from this marriage are Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump. Wikipedia is our source of family information found here, and December 20, 1993, & January 22, 2005, below (Note 2).

February 11, 1990: DT’s affair with Marla Maples is first reported (Note 3). Occurred while DT was married to Ivana Trump.

December 20, 1993: DT marries Marla Maples. They divorced on June 8, 1999. Tiffany Trump is their only child, born before they were married.

January 22, 2005: DT marries Melania Knavs, to whom he is currently married. Barron Trump is their only child.

April 2005: In conversation with Howard Stern, DT says he went into the dressing rooms at his beauty pageants while women were unclothed, and got away with it because he was the owner (Note 1).

2005 In a conversation with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, DT brags that his entertainer status allows him to “do anything” regarding women (Note 4). “When you are a star, they let you do it.” Reported by Washington Post in 2016. DT at one point states that the Billy Bush conversation was just “locker room talk”.

June 14, 2006: Karen McDougal ’s affair with DT begins. The former Playboy model alleges she had a 10-month affair. After their first sexual encounter, she said DT tried to pay her, but she refused. McDougal describes the affair as a serious relationship based on love, and Trump often told her that he loved her (Note 5).

Around July 2006: Stormy Daniels alleges she slept with DT. DT had been married to Melania for a year and a half then, and Barron Trump was four months old (Note 6). DT was also in the midst of his Karen McDougal affair.

August 2016: The National Enquirer purchased the rights to the story of Karen McDougal. The Enquirer never ran the story, which it bought in order to protect DT’s candidacy and kill the story from ‘hitting the news’. Michael Cohen’s role in this is part of a federal corruption investigation (Note 7).

October 7, 2016: The Washington Post reports DT & Billy Bush 2005 taped discussion, considered very degrading to women. The report of this conversation is followed by allegations by several women who say Trump kissed and groped them without their consent (Note 8).

November 8, 2016: U.S. Presidential election

January/February 2018: The Wall Street Journal publishes a story that Michael Cohen made a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about the alleged July 2006 affair (Note 9). Michael Cohen said that the payment to Stormy Daniels was from his own pocket (Note 10).

April 5, 2018: Trump denies knowing about Cohen’s payment to Stormy Daniels (Note 11). A reporter on Air Force One asks if he knew about the payment, to which he responds “No.” Trump also says he did not know where the money came from. A video shows this exchange on Air Force One (Note 12).

May 2, 2018: Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers, said on Fox News that Trump reimbursed Cohen for his payment to Stormy Daniels and that he had documentation. This contradicts Trump’s April 5th, 2018 statements that he had no knowledge of any payment to Daniels. (Note 13).

May 3, 2018: Trump directly contradicts his earlier statement that he had no knowledge of the payment made to Stormy Daniels. He echoed Giuliani’s claim that the payment had been made from his personal account, not using campaign money, and thus was not a campaign violation (Note 14).

August 21, 2018: In court, Michael Cohen pleads guilty to breaking campaign finance laws and several other charges. Cohen says he paid Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, at Trump’s direction. Cohen says that he and Trump worked together to cover up these potential scandals that Trump feared would threaten his election and that the non-disclosure agreement payment to Daniels was for the purpose of influencing the election (Note 15).

February/March 2019: Cohen testifies before the House of Representatives about Trump, including his hush money payments. Calls Trump a “con man”, “cheat”, and a “racist” (Note 16).


Note 1: CNN Article with audio clips of Trump vulgarities. In the 13th audio file, DT discusses how he went into undressed contestants’ dressing rooms at beauty pageants, he owned.

Note 2: Trump’s Family background

Note 3: Trump’s affair with Maples

Note 4: Billy Bush Tape of 2005 Access Hollywood Conversation

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Note 14: Trump contradicts his earlier statement on his knowledge of payments

Note 15: Michael Cohen pleads guilty

Note 16: Cohen Testimony

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