Egregious Act: Misleading Statements now over 20,000

Egregious Act: Misleading Statements now over 20,000

How can we trust what a President who habitually tells us lies? The Washington Post maintains a count of DT’s false or misleading statements from the date of his inauguration. Through July 7, 2020, the count was over 20,055, an average of almost 15 per day while in office. Even eliminating repeated statements, the number of distinct misleading statements is undoubtedly in the hundreds. This is an astounding number of false statements for a President to make. This adds to the lack of trust in what DT says, not only by the majority of the U.S. population but also by world leaders. Then consider all the misleading statements and lies made during Trump’s January 2020 impeachment proceedings…unprecedented in modern times!

Here’s the link to the Washington Post article about Trump’s misstatements.

Link to the Fact Checker blog, discussing his false or misleading claims:

The Washington Post also maintains a Promise Tracker of 60 of Trump’s campaign promises found in his ‘Contract with the American Voter’. DT is doing a bit better here, having fulfilled 21 campaign promises, and broken 26 as of December 31, 2019. What about the other 13? We all know about the Mexican border wall DT wants to be built. You can take a look at the promise tracker here:

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