Don’t Support Trump Businesses

Map Makes it Easy for Supporters
Not to be Seen at DT Businesses

We’ve created a Google Map that shows all DT-owned golf courses, hotels, and restaurants around the world. There are quite a few to say the least, with many in New York. Most of them have “Trump” in their name, making them easy to identify and avoid. We want to make the process of being “visually disobedient” simple to follow, so we have not included Trump buildings that are primarily personally-owned apartments and condos. It’s fine to visit your friends who live there. Though we ask that you consider buying a place in other than a Trump building, if you have other choices.

Here’s the map. It takes about 10 seconds to load:

General Info

Color Codes
A few comments about the map and its features. We’ve color-coded the types of DT entities, so you’ll see:

  • Hotels are blue (with a bed icon) 
  • Golf courses are green (with a pin or flagstick icon) 
  • Restaurants are purple (knife/spoon icon)  
  • Trump Realty firm locations are in red/magenta (with an office icon) 

Possible future visual disobedience demonstration sites are in yellow (with a building). 

Note that in some cases there are both hotels and golf courses in the same location, and we might have shown only one. If both are DT businesses, your ’not to be seen’ pledge applies to both.

Moving Around the Map
There are various ways to manipulate the map. The ‘ + ‘ on the lower left or right zooms in on the map, giving you more detail, while the ‘ – ‘ beneath the plus allows you to see a larger view of the map. See the illustration in the following photo ….

Location of zoom in/out buttons may appear on bottom right on some computers.

View of map zoomed out. Yes DT has businesses all over the world!


To move the map left, right, up or down, click on the map when you see the hand, and hold the click. The hand should grip the map. You can then move the mouse the direction you want the map to go. Put your place of interest in the center of your screen, then use the ‘+ ‘ feature described above to zoom in. Click on the icon for more information. A text box will open on the left or right side of the map to give you more details about the DT business in that location.

Getting More Details
You can also use the search icon in the upper left to search for specific businesses. For example, typing “golf” in the yellow box will result in a list of all DT’s golf courses found worldwide on the map.

Click on “See all X results” to see all the results on the DT map. (The search results listed under “From Google” are irrelevant–ignore them. )

All 18 DT golf locations shown above. You can click on any business in the list to go to its specific location and get some general information about it as we described above.

By the way, please use our contact form if you think a DT business should be added to the list or something needs to be changed.

We think the map and accompanying table will make it much easier for supporters to not be seen at DT-owned businesses. See our article about what you might say, when you need to decline an invite to an event at a DT business location.