Don’t Be Seen at Trump Businesses!

Don’t Be Seen at Trump Businesses!

Our Google Map Makes it Easy.

We’ve created a Google Map that shows all DT-owned golf courses, hotels, and restaurants around the world. There are quite a few, to say the least, with many in New York. Most of them have “Trump” in their name, making them easy to identify and avoid.

If you feel uneasy about using our Google Map, an organized list of the Trump Family-Owned Businesses and Properties can be found at the end of this article.

Democrats, Republicans & Independents: We want to make the process of being “visually disobedient” simple to follow, so we have not included Trump buildings that are primarily personally-owned or rented apartments or condos. It’s fine to visit your friends who live there, though we ask that you consider buying a place in other than a Trump building if you have other choices.

Clicking ‘-‘ in the box on the lower left gives you a worldview, while clicking ‘+’ repeatedly zooms in on the map. You can ‘grab’ the map to center it. To view specific businesses, click on the “view larger map” icon in the upper right corner (looks like the corners of a square). Then, you can click on a specific DT business from the list on the left.

Reminder: click on the Home tab to return to the Campaign front page.

General Info & Color Codes

A few comments about the map and its features. We’ve color-coded the types of DT entities, so you’ll see:

  • Hotels are blue (with a bed icon) 
  • Golf courses are green (with a pin or flagstick icon) 
  • Restaurants are purple (knife/spoon icon)  
  • Trump Realty firm locations are in red/magenta (with an office icon) 

Possible future visual disobedience demonstration sites are in yellow (with a building). 

Note that in some cases there are both hotels and golf courses in the same location, and we might have shown only one. If both are DT businesses, your ‘not-to-be-seen’ pledge applies to both.

By the way, please use our contact form if you think a DT business should be added to the list or something needs to be changed.

We think the map and the accompanying table will make it much easier for supporters to not be seen at DT-owned businesses. See our article, Refusing Invites Gracefully, about what you might say when you need to decline an invitation to an event at a DT business location.

Trump Owned Businesses & Properties

Trump Hotels

* Trump Parc Stamford, Stamford, CT
* Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C.
* Mar-a-Lago (also golf), Palm Beach, FL
* Trump International Hotel & Tower, Waikiki, HI
* Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago, IL
* Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
* Trump Tower, Midtown Manhattan, NY
* Trump World Tower, Midtown Manhattan, NY
* The Trump Building, New York, NY
* Trump International Hotel and Tower, New York, NY
* Trump Park Avenue, New York, NY
* Seven Springs, Bedford, NY
* Trump Plaza, Westchester County, NY

Hotels Outside U.S.

* Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada
* Trump International Hotel & Tower Lido Lake, West Java, Indonesia
* Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower, Panama City, Panama
* Trump Towers Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Trump Golf Courses

* Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles, CA
* Trump National Golf Club, Washington, D.C.
* Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, FL
* Trump National Doral, Miami, FL
* Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach, FL
* Trump National Golf Club, Charlotte, NC
* Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster, NJ
* Trump National Golf Club, Colts Neck, NJ
* Trump Golf Links, Ferry Point, NY
* Trump National Golf Club, Hudson Valley, NY
* Trump National Golf Club, Westchester, NY
* Trump National Golf Club, Philadelphia, PA

Golf Courses Outside U.S.

* Trump International Golf Club, Dubai
* Trump World Golf Club, Dubai
* Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Ireland
* Trump International Golf Links, Scotland
* Trump Turnberry, South Ayrshire, Scotland
* Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland

Trump: Other Businesses

* Trump Palace, New York, NY
* Trump Winery, Charlottesville, VA
* Ivanka’s Businesses
* Real estate firms (see Google map)
* Restaurants (see Google map)

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