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About Us

Trump Gen Z & Millenial Disapproval Rate

We are a grassroots, bipartisan political action committee whose purpose is to prevent Trump’s 2020 re-election. We will motivate Generation Z through social media to use their clout and vote before the November 3 election day. We will focus on those residing in five electoral college swing states-Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Our approach: reverse the Trump’s 2016 electoral college result by flipping at least 38 electoral votes. Recent polls show that over 75% of Gen Z disapprove of Trump, particularly his actions regarding the pandemic, climate change and BLM. Our campaign will further inform Generation Z about Trump’s egregious acts surrounding these issues. See how we derived the name Visual Disobedience and the visuals that we will incorporate into our campaign here.

Creator Bio

My name is Phil Shemanski and I am the creator of the Visual Disobedience campaign. Here is my background information and why I started this campaign:

Phil Shemanski

I was born in West Los Angeles. My analytical nature was started by my mom giving me math problems at age 3. I graduated from college in three years. My love of mathematics and academics led me into a 25-year career as a tax-oriented CPA with Ernst and Young.

I started this campaign because of our daughter Naomi, who has challenges. In 2018, Naomi became agitated with Trump’s behavior. I vowed then to devote myself to stopping Trump’s re-election.

Knowing that the 2020 popular vote is meaningless, I analyzed how he had won the electoral college in 2016: winning back just 38 electoral votes would defeat Trump in 2020!! The 2 min video found on the home page provides a clear explanation. You can also get more details here.

I also realized that this upcoming election will have four years of NEW voters: Gen Z ages 18-21 would now be voting. These new Gen Z voters disapprove of Trump as described above. Focusing on Gen Z voters would be the key to Trump’s electoral college defeat.

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Flip 38, Cancel Trump!

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