I pledge to be an enthusiastic supporter of the DT Visual Disobedience campaign, whose goal is have DT’s U.S. presidency end ASAP. I intend to take peaceful visual acts in support of this campaign, including not being seen at any Trump-owned businesses.

The combined strength of my fellow supporters will enable me to overcome any self-doubts. I will stand down if confronted by DT supporter(s), knowing this is not about changing their mind. The force of the visual campaign majority will win out.

DT Owned Businesses

Map Makes it Easy for Supporters
Not to be Seen at DT Businesses

Egregious Acts

1. Russia Favored Trump: One of Donald Trump administration’s most disgraceful acts was its July 2018 attempted cover-up of Putin’s admission at the Helsinki press conference that Russia favored Trump over Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. Read more

2. Russia influenced US Election: The handling of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election has haunted Trump’s presidency even before he took the oath of office in January 2017. Read more

3. Mis-treatment of Women: DT ’s treatment of women and his sexual morals are very upsetting, as are DT’s many misrepresentations related to certain “hush money” payments. We chronicle some key events. Read more

4. Misleading Statements Now in the 1000s: The Washington Post maintains a count of DT’s false or misleading statements from the date of his inauguration. Through September 12, 2018, the count was 4229, an average of over 7 a day. Read more