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Bipartisan campaign calling all Gen Z’s to defeat Trump.

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Get Involved!
What You Can Do.

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Trump Denies Climate Change:
Your Vote Can Save the Planet.

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Stand up to Trump

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Starting bracket
Flip 38, Cancel Trump
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Gen Z, actively participate in the voting process! Key points:

  • Not registered to vote? Do it now, online in most states!
  • Avoid long November 3 lines: sign up to vote by mail/absentee.
  • You can just vote for Biden only and submit your ballot.
  • Make certain signature on ballot envelope matches one on your state ID card.
  • Turn your ballot in by Oct 27 to ensure it will be counted. Check Nov 3 that your ballot has been counted if your state has that feature.

The Latest Tea on Trump

How Trump Failed the US
Biden and Harris
How Trump's remarks escalated the Minneapolis crisis. We must defeat a leader who encourages hate.

Our Election Analysis Shows New Gen Z Voters Are Key

The 4 slides below show how the participation of 50% of new 18-21 year old Gen Z voters makes Biden the winner in 4 of the 5 key states. The Green Party can help too!

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