Bipartisan campaign calling all Gen Z's to defeat Donald Trump.

Our 2 min video explains the importance of the electoral college vote, and how we can reverse Trump's 2016 electoral college victory by flipping 38. Get onto it!

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Trump on Climate Change & Other Egregious Acts

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Anyone worldwide 18 years or older can support the no-fee Vis Dis Campaign Pledge. Be counted! Simply add your first and last name then press your enter key.

We will not share your name with anyone OR contact you. The campaign only uses your name to help ensure an accurate pledge count. Pledge only once please.

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I support the bipartisan Visual Disobedience campaign, whose goal is to have Donald Trump’s (DT’s) U.S. presidency end with his electoral college defeat in November 2020.

I intend to take peaceful visual acts to support this campaign, most importantly actively participating in the voting process.

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Latest on DT

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